Since 1972 we spread colors in the world!

Accuracy and speed in color reproduction.


Monte Mucrone dyeing was founded in 1972 and is specialized in dyeing of yarn skeins on behalf of third parties. Born in Gaglianico, it moved after few years to Verrone, where it can obtain process water of the highest quality and purity coming straight from the glaciers of Monte Rosa.





A modern laboratory, new technologies and innovative processes, will help you to create color charts and studies for approval. The dyes are simulated in the laboratory, starting from a basic recipe obtained by spectrophotometer in order to reach the color point and the perfect shade requested.



Corporate Values

The vast experience gained over the years and the modern technologies used in the production process, allows us to obtain a product of real excellence. Quality, professionalism and prompt deliveries represent our values, because customer satisfaction is our best reward.



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