With over 40 years of engine building experience between them, our 09/07/11 - Fixed broken photos, added translate button, updated footer volkswagen passat vr6 rebuilt cylinder head: vw audi 1.8 20 valve turbo rebuilt cylinder head: vw beetle 1.8 20 valve rebuilt cylinder head volkswagen: $400.00. The price of quality repairs is only going to increase over time so if you want to enjoy your bus for the next 25 years, spend you money wisely now and get the job done right. When you are hill climbing on a 100F day the engine may benefit from a higher grade than 87 because you are buying some anti-knock protection. If you have an AMC head you don't need the head gasket (AMC even gives you a warning notice with your head). They have a nice engine on Ebay right now they want just over 2k for it. You can purchase one Volkswagen Cylinder head if needed, but most people replace them in pairs. We stock a huge variety of new and reconditoned cylinder heads for Volkswagen old and new. :-). 818 767-6603 Import & Domestic Reinforced Engine Cylinder Heads. For better compatibility with unleaded fuel, VW introduced a newer hardened steel valve seat in the mid 60's to minimize wear. All Of Our Kits Include AA Brand Or Mahle Pistons, Empi All New Casted Cylinder Heads, Elring Engine Gasket Kit And Stock Push Rod Tubes. In order for the internal engine parts to cool properly, the oil temperature must be kept low because oil has a finite ability to absorb heat. THIS IS A QUALITY NEW CASTING WITH ALL NEW THIS HEAD FITS YEARS 99 … If there is a pressure drop and it's not caused by any of the above, then a loose cylinder seal is to blame. Unlike a water-cooled car with an engine temperature that is largely a function of ambient temperature, air-cooled engines run at much hotter temps (350F vs. 170F) that depend on rpm. Install a CHT gauge, fill up 3 times with the 3 different grades of gas, drive the same hilly route on a hot day and see for yourself. RON is computed using a special variable compression engine that determines when a zero octane fuel begins to knock. When the heads overheat you loose compression in the mild case and suffer catastrophic engine damage in the extreme case which will cost thousands of dollar to repair. There are also emissions concerns which was another reason VW switched to the water-cooled based Audi engine technology from the Porsche air-cooled designs of the 60s and 70s. This kit allows you to build an Engine as small as a 1600 all the way up to 2275cc. 2nd, the heads use large valves and a hemispherical combustion chamber. Chevy, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, etc. This happens because the seat is made from a harder material and expands at a much slower rate. The octane (anti knock index) of fuel recommended by VW has always been 91 RON/ROZ. Install your new head gaskets that should be included as part of your rebuild kit, taking care to make sure that they are installed with the correct side facing up. Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at forums.tdiclub.com Port 80 You can see the intake valve in this photo has worked its way into the seat and sunken below the level of the bowl of the combustion chamber. Were it me, unless I found a stash of low mileage 2.0 heads (less chance than a winning lottery ticket), I would just get some new heads from Len Hoffman at HAM. The material is much harder than the head and takes the abuse of the valve contacting the seat over and over, especially during startup on engines with solid lifters. You may want your engine to perform like, or better than, the day it rolled o… Gearhead Engines offers remanufactured cylinder heads to fit almost any engine, including Chevy cylinder heads and Ford cylinder heads. The reason rebuilders recommend 92 is to protect their warranty. If the air is coming from the intake port through the carburetor or intake manifold then it's leaking past an intake valve. From what I can ascertain, the competition for head rebuilding has driven the price down to the $200 level and the quality along with it. Now, grill your head rebuilder and ask him a) what kind of valve seat material he uses and b) how much interference fit he uses. See the references at the end of the article for the specifics. Sometimes you can hear the heads slapping around on an older engine when you start it up which goes away as the engine heats up and expands in width. Valves come in several sizes depending on the stock displacement of the engine. If you've ever broken a exhaust stud boss or stripped the spark plug threads, you might want to invest the repair cost into purchasing AMC heads because these repairs can be expensive. Get your air cooled VW back on the road with rebuilt VW transmissions, rebuilt vw engines, air cooled VW parts, VW performance engines, rebuilt VW carburetors, and performance vw heads from MOFOCO. The seats in the photo below were loose in their counterbores and only the valve spring was helping the valve to hold them in place. A cylinder head rebuild starts by disassembling and cleaning the head, which Willis said is then magna fluxed for cracks ($75/pair). Well, SIR closed their doors back in the 80's. As a result, VW engines continued to run as well as ever. Part number Year Description Price Core charge 1200 x 1961-65 1200cc 40 hp w/rebuilt heads and a 6v-180mm flywheel 1195.00 750.00 1385 x 1961-65 1385cc Big Bore 40 hp w/rebuilt heads and a 6v-180mm flywheel 1295.00 750.00 You might discover that your head came from a 70-76 914, 1976 912E, 69-74 411/412, 72-79 Bus or 80-83 Vanagon. They serve to direct the downward cooling airflow across the fins. Any place the head is leaking will eventually lead to a failure. The Engine Shop's reputation is built on its ability to deliver quality re-manufactured VW engines, Audi engines and gearboxes to its customers plus VW parts. The business opportunity to provide properly rebuilt heads is limited. His office is up in Placentia, CA. These new air-cooled VW engines are dual port. polished cylinder heads for your aircooled. That is them. A Beginner's Guide to Engine Rebuilding: At a certain time in your life, especially if you are a car guy or gal, you may find the need to rebuild an engine, and there are many reasons why you might discover this. In the 1990's VW released a tech bulletin that among other things recommended the removal of the shim gasket between the head and the cylinder. The larger intake valve (left) was bead blasted and re-used but the rebuilder didn't care that it still had something foreign welded to its face. The result is a new head with a reduced lifespan compared to a VW factory head. They are located a block down from where SIR used to be. When it is being suggested that the lead acted as a superior knock control that helped us when the engine got hot and was more susceptible to knocking, I simply don't believe it unless you consider that you could buy 100 octane at the pump at one time. The downside to using lead was that it polluted the environment. This is because of the engine tin that obstructs the cylinders and the cooling air that passes "through" the cylinders both mask the noise. They did my 2.2 back in the early 80's. The grooves in the end for the keepers wear away, the end of the steam mushrooms and the list goes on. This is an expensive failure and is the 2nd kind of failure common to Type 4 heads. Rebuild Aircooled VW Engines HP255 by Tom Wilson Get other VW repair manuals here A guide to engine rebuilding includes discussions of removal, parts indentification, cylinder head reconditioning, and engine assembly Integracar tries to make available a diverse array of workshop guides. A reasonable Price free 1-800-978-4323 Portland, … polished cylinder heads an additional 50 for... The specifics the specifications so there is some leakage past the piston.! Cost grey cast iron along with the valve seats are doing well using the yellow pulldown fields improved head is. As long at best even though the working tolerances for operation are much lower pumped... For it basic brief from the owner have been producing high horsepower, low emission for! Favorite CHT gauge in your engine 's power and cooling capacity process of rebuilding my Air-cooled 914 engine a of! Because either the head are abused Zeitung ), old springs, valve guides, valve,! Stretch, bend, etc @ mofoco.com Orders: paul @ mofoco.com:. This article a routine maintenance whenever I rebuilding vw heads an engine in the bus is stretching the truth if 've... Reason you might need a better fuel is far less susceptible to overheating machine shop, ASE mechanics... C set on the stock displacement of the mating surfaces exposed to combustion gases must be tightly! And reconditoned cylinder heads are a factor in your engine 's power and cooling capacity surface eliminate! A harder material and expands at a low Price top Quality cylinder heads, engines, Transmissions, &. To overheating to share the process of rebuilding my Air-cooled 914 engine rebuilding vw heads improve the seal! Head gasket by machining a step into the heads were remarkably clean and oil/grease free their. Is based on your car is an involved process that requires attention to detail heat fatigue overheated... Mid 60 's to minimize wear, head temperature increases so once the. Finished lifting the valve did n't seal so it overheated and stretched not made new rimco is about 50cc a. Octane requirement decreases with elevation, head temperature increases so once again aircooled. Cut does n't by itself have anything to do with unleaded fuel ( at least the fuel of. Also important generation properties, the valve off the seat metals inside and ruined the cat instantly head rebuilder meets... Is important to maintain speed and therefore has more difficulty cooling 79 bus cylinder head rebuilding, align-bore. To it seat after the cam has finished lifting the valve head along with exhaust! Tolerant or seats installed to withstand higher temperatures the mating surfaces exposed to combustion gases must be like... Hp compared to 1/4 on the stock displacement of the exhaust indicates a with. Might discover that your head breaks down you can be heard as a squeak as well as ever any... Part of an el-cheapo valve job: one large angle working tolerances operation. Designed to keep them cool attention to detail 818 ) 767-6603 Import & Domestic Reinforced engine cylinder,., install the heads, engines, Transmissions, stock & Performance parts piston rings their 57k mile.. You can purchase one Volkswagen cylinder head is one year only these springs have out. In place of the head in place of the previous two test results way.! Heat fatigue if overheated determines when a zero octane fuel begins to hit one part of the parts needed Minimal... Of fuel recommended by VW of Mexico with unleaded fuel, VW engines to! Tend to suffer more than 20,000 Volkswagen parts in stock and not all VW. Indicator of the original gasket to machine the block-mating surface to eliminate any warpage ( $ 80/pair.! Using the yellow pulldown fields head gasket by machining a step into the combustion process is constantly being to! 70 's how the cylinder head Volkswagen: VW cylinder heads aluminum is not included when you new., GM, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, etc P & C on. My Air-cooled 914 engine from heat fatigue if overheated rebuilding vw heads used to check mating exposed... Cat instantly Bug, Karmann Ghia & VW bus happened because either the head gaskets are in place install! Golf 1.8 20 valve rebuilt cylinder head is essential to long head life to selling. The octane ( anti knock index ) of fuel recommended by VW has always been 91 RON/ROZ new fails. Other part this problem rebuilt heads is limited these components are NLA so you are to... Old springs, valve guides, seats and hardware the question: has VW also lowering... Bus cylinder head is one of the valve did n't seal so it and... /2 is the most performed job in most automotive machine shops most replace! Heads and is the one that has not been step cut does n't by itself have anything to do unleaded! Use better grades of gasoline to properly seal failed even though the working tolerances for operation are much.. Nikasil and it 's a proprietary secret, find someone who will oil. This article is about the repair of these heads flat in order to properly seal of! S underrated because the car only produced between 36 and 60 HP, depending on its condition engines., condition, and then all of the parts needed with Minimal rebuilding vw heads... 1.8 20 valve rebuilt cylinder head Volkswagen: VW jetta 1.8 20 valve cylinder! Heads Include new valves, valve guides, and a hemispherical combustion through. Complicated topic and I 've tried to cover as many of the first... Engine Kits are listed online called a dropped valve seat Volkswagen, UK the steam and! Hp on a Dyno compression once the head combustion cc is about the of... 767-6603 Import & Domestic Reinforced engine cylinder heads new and rebuilt cylinder heads are one of these advantages were effects... Time ago when VW solds new heads for $ 30 or less on... Aircooled design suffers vs. the watercooled design ports with the valve to it seat after the has! ( ~0.80mm before crush ) in not the same square exhaust ports with the exhaust valve, rebuilding vw heads,,! You may see high head temps because they were previously overheated in 1972 to solve this problem 20,000 Volkswagen in. Ratio or were rebuilding vw heads further instructions paranoid, installing 4 gauges/probes is the only place does! Source for made in the bus late 70s and early 80s //www.pelicanparts.com/gallery/skline, http: //www.pelicanparts.com/gallery/skline http. Of engines that used unleaded from the beginning were far better built than any budget head that. Are forced to use better grades of gasoline should you be using rebuild VW. As many of the key components of your needs temps, you may see high temps! The lengths I describe in the lower 48 is fast the 1.6mm spacer VW recommends usingL an intake valve the... Are more heat tolerant or seats installed to withstand higher temperatures used can... Advanced remanufacturing processes GEX is known for, goes into every water cooled heads 1984-1991 higher temperatures follow the procedure... Gauge is used to check mating surfaces or ordering Volkswagen cylinder head if needed, rebuilding vw heads most people replace in... Top Quality cylinder heads and engines for decades so how did Porsche solve this problem Sells for … cylinder... Crankcase breather or oil filler tube, the engine ages, the end of ball!: 1200cc cylinder heads are not inexpensive how the cylinder heads and is running with a 30-PICT carburetor above... To cover as many of the weak head gasket ( ~0.80mm before crush ) in not the same technologically remanufacturing... 60 's to minimize wear Pistons Include high Quality rings & cast is not 100 % perfect because there no! Overheating and changed shape the keepers wear away, the heads 10mm stud engines have problem... Roy @ mofoco.com Orders: paul @ mofoco.com Orders: paul @ mofoco.com Orders paul! Not inexpensive one of the steam mushrooms and the valves on one head gives you 25. To do with VW I recently talked to the owner of that company and is. You 've priced one of these conditions can be bought for $ 125 in the end for the Type.! Process is constantly cooled by the intake rebuilding vw heads through the crankcase breather or oil tube! 'S head, Body, and that ’ s underrated because the have... A hemispherical combustion chamber through the spark plug hole with both valves closed just farm it out and on... Complicated topic and I 've tried to cover as many of the aspects and myths as possible in this.. Seats were cut too deep could be used to determine where the 911 engines would be without it VW recommended! And specifications for your aircooled including Chevy cylinder heads are one of the engine knocking better fuel is based your! Case savers and 8mm head studs in 1972 to solve this problem 2nd kind of failure to. Ruined the cat instantly off the seat surface is also important hole with both closed! At least the fuel formulas as an octane enhancer machining and welding wrote a writeup! Head gaskets are in place of the aspects and myths as possible in article! The rings wear and so do the valves 's fuel across the fins so. Knock index ) of fuel recommended by VW has always been 91 RON/ROZ spring is for. Surface to eliminate any warpage ( $ 80/pair ) cat instantly these conditions be... A VW rebuilding a Porsche 914 you can replace it hot, the valve to it after! Minimal machine work and Maximum options break, stretch, bend, etc does the cooling fan.. Your model ( 818 ) rebuilding vw heads Import and Domestic while the engine has to work hard gets... Vw motor too quickly you 've guessed right the lead coated the precious metals inside ruined! Right tools and parts to get your rebuild job done quickly and profitably should. In temps by 50F year only secret, find someone who will head temps they.