Front: Neil Lenton on Weber 28/36 vs. twin Strombergs: A Weber 28/36 never needs mixture adjustment Made in Italy. Made in Italy it is a classic carburettor. 3 pair Idle Jets. AQ115A, 115B,…, Restoration kit for Volvo AQ140A (B21) Connections 1/8 "NPT in-out Made of…, 3" Welding bend approx 76mm 90° Wednesday the 23rd CLOSED - back on Monday the 28th! Post by JCG-GSX » April 1st, 2008, 10:25 pm Hi Guys, Last year I changed out my old stocker carb for a smog legal 32/36 weber carb. Made of…, 3" Stainless Welding bend approx 76mm 90° Add to comparison chart ... Weber Tuning Manual. not for 960 1995-, B19ET/B21ET/B23ET WEBER CARBS, Carburettors, Jets, Emulsion tubes, Conversion Kits, Air Filters, Linkages, Rebuild Kits, ... Powered by Genuine Spanish Weber Carburettors With the 38 DGAS, the barrels are the same diameter: 38 mm. The progressive side does not open until the primary is around 1/3 open. Sport Filter WEBER 36/36 DCD for road use Speedograph Height… 545 SEK per Piece. Fuel Pump Requirement . i see that the site refers to a 28/36 DCD Weber. Weber Carb Kits CB has a large selection of Original WEBER Carburetors (made in SPAIN) in a range of sizes to fit your desired application. In 1976 the 28/36 DCD (a progressive twin choke with removable choke tubes) was still the backbone of Weber conversion business, although they admitted to it getting a bit old. Save wishlist. However, I am from the new school of fuel injection etc, and know 2 things about carb tuning… KGE TRIMNING … Internals: Weber 28/36DCD27 Carburettor Brevettato Conversion and Tuning Centre Ltd. Item Qty Type Description Part # New Part # 0: 1: (2) Clean Carburetor with carburetor -cleaner, spraying down the main throats of the carburetor (with running engine at a fast idle, to prevent stalling). Written by Skye Nott – 2006-04-02 How-To Library > Carburetors and Fuel Section. Made of two…, S60 B5244 Chassi nr 23500- reinforced I take the carburetor off and do a baseline / bench tune to reset and make so I can re-tune the carburetor. Dual-IDF’s LOW SPEED CIRCUIT JET’s. 940 B230/D24, Front 700/900-series 1989-97 I understand that it is compatible with many vehicles including the Mini, Fiat and MGB. Guaranteed products! Koni shock absorbers are available for mode\s, plus the stif- fer Koni Sport shockers for water cooled models (including Polo), and Bilsteins or Sachs struts for road, ral- ly, or race. Buy. Weber 32/36 Carburetor Adjustment Weber Carburetor Adjustment Procedure. All Tuning parts and accessories. ! weber 3 barrel 40mm ida; weber 3 barrel 46mm ida; carburetor. This carburettor is fitted with a cable-operated, manual choke mechanism. Technical assistance is free for the first 60 days of purchase. Built with Volusion. 42 SEK per each. Height is approximately 63 millimeters !! 36 DCD jetting. complete kit with mounts…, A kit with the available polyurethane bushes for…, 140 1970-1974* Aprox Ø16,3mm, Front - rear 700/900-ser 25/25mm Selection and tuning of Weber DCOE carburettors . What that means is the primary throttle plate is 32mm in diameter, and the secondary side is 36mm. It is an original Brevettato. 740/760 B204/B234/B280/B230ET/B230FT/D24T The drawing will open in a new window. built-in slave cylinder With so many options choosing the right Weber carburetor kit can be a … Thanks. 4 sizes Idle Jets @ 4 each. He is really good with those horrible things. You can then switch between the drawing and this page here as the numbers in the drawing match the number prefixes in the part descriptions on this page here. weber 32/36 dfev,dfav; dcnf; su stromberg; weber dic dcd adf dmtr; 48 50 55 dco; idf; weber 32/36 dgv,dgav,dgev,38 dgas; dcoe; 3 barrel carburetor. When collecting in store please order & pay online - especially helpful in todays situation! 084 714 9533. Weber DCD Carburetor Parts. Help Tuning a 32/36 Weber to pass smog -Northern California. Made…, Restoration kit for Volvo B18 with standard size…, 240 1985-93 some 82-84 Made of two…, 3,5" Stainless Welding bend approx 89mm 90° Weber 32/36 DGV DGEV DGAV Tuning. £37.95 Details. This matches the … original weber Italy parts. Velocity stack for Weber DCD series, will fit 28/36 and 36/36 types. Tell a friend. with ABS 123 SEK per each. JETS EMULSION TUBES VENTURIS CHOKES NEEDLE VALVES ETC. 701 ICT. Question about the product. Also fits most of the egr pipes on…, B19ET/B21ET/B23ET Figure 1: Weber 32/36 DGV DGEV DGAV Parts Diagram. Made of…, 2" Stainless Welding bend approx 51mm 90° also fits standard engines I n the past there have been questions and much miss information put out on the choice of a 32/36 DGEV carb or the 38 DGAS . The latter is the usual replacement for those problem-plagued 2 barrel Solexes that the factory started installing mid-1972. S80 B5244 Chassi…, Fits from 1980- and onwards. 32/36 DGV 5A Weber - Manual Choke [22680005] AUD$478.50 AUD$459.00 Any search for the ideal 2-barrel, progressive down-draft carburetor would surely end with the DGV Series. a somewhat shorter…, Restoration kit for Volvo all B230 with fuel…, 240 8/1978-1992 iron made. On this page you will find all currently available parts for the Weber DCD carburettors. Internal…, A kit with 40pcs valve adjustment shims, four…, Front - rear 240 25/22mm In Australia, the G180 is a licensed version of the Weber 32/36 and fitted to: ... Nissan 1400 36 Weber DCD down draught Adapters . WEBER 36 DCD PRIMARY THROTTLE SHAFT. Weber electric choke thermostat 32/36 DGAV and 32/36DFAV If your Weber parts are not listed here, be sure to ask Sometimes it's difficult to identify carburetor parts, so we often exchange diagrams by mail, or digital photos by e-mail. 32/36 DFEV. There’s a thread about tuning a 38-38, but I was encouraged to start a separate thread since they are substantially different carbs, so here we go! complete kit with mounts…, Valve springs / Valve Spring Washer / Valve locks / etc, Superpro Sway Bar Link Kit - Heavy Duty Adjustable 254mm-305mm, Pulley inner and Outer 240 B17/B19/B21/B23, Restoration kit Volvo AQ140A gaskets bearings rings, Restoration kit Volvo AQ145A gaskets bearings rings, Flange gasket turbo/downpipe 700/900 D24T, Flange gasket exhaust manifold S60/S80/V70 B5244/B6294/B6304, Oil pump B­1­9­/­B­2­1­/­B­2­3­/­B­2­3­/­B­2­0­0­/­B­2­3­0 1980-1998 non Turbo, Crankcase Ventilation Kit 850 20V non turbo, Powerflex Front Wishbone Lower Bush 850/SV70, Throttle wire 140 B20A/B 1973-74 B20E/F 1973, Wheel bearing kit Fram S80/V70N (Alternative), Wheel bearing kit Front ABS 1989- (Alternative), Ferrule oil cooler/egr pipe 240/740/760/940, Side marker light fender 240/740/850/940/SV70, Restoration kit Volvo B20A gaskets bearings rings -1973, Restoration kit Volvo B18 gaskets bearings rings, Ignition Distributor 123 B19/B21/B23/B230, Restoration kit Volvo B230 gaskets bearings rings, Valve adjustment kit 3.20mm-3.65mm B19/B21/B23/B200/B230. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful: SYNC-LINK KIT FOR CONVERTING 32/36 DGV DGEV WEBER CARBS TO A SYNCHRONOUS OPENING THROTTLE. Read more 3 pair Air Corrector Jets. Do you have a 28 /36 or a 32 /36? Looking at Vizards book, he chokes the carb down to 24-26 Primary and 25-27 Secondary, depending on engine spec. i do have a 28/36 but there's a few parts missing. I my fj40 was aquired with a Weber 32/36 DGV 5A, DUI-HEI, and headers already in place. Click HERE for an exploded view drawing of the Weber DCD. Genuine WEBER Carburettor, Made in Spain. To help make the right choice for your future needs. Trottle valve Secondary duct Weber 36/36DCD. Minimum Length 254 mm…, 57% reduction DCD kits generally work quite nicely. The … This is a two-stage, progressive carburettor – Not synchronous. Look no further for versatility, wide adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free maintenance, excellent drivability, increased fuel economy and improved performance. will the Venturi of the 28/36 fit onto the 32/36 ? Genuine Made in Spain Webers and Weber Redline Kits. Made of…, 2" Welding bend approx 51mm 90° A very popular modification for kit car owners is the fitment of twin Weber DCOE or DCO/SP carburettors; these not only deliver the goods but also look very good.