Health Science Major A bachelor's degree with a major in health science prepares students for a variety of careers in health science and health care. The UCI Program in Public Health Community remains open during COVID-19. in Public Health Policy degree programs train students in multidisciplinary approaches to public health practice and research. Public health majors typically have a good understanding of biology and other science disciplines, so some of them go on to teach science in high school. All GPH majors--regardless of school--are required to complete the 6 core courses, combined major electives, and engage in a semester-long study away experience at one of NYU's global sites. For each Public Health major, some courses have been removed and others added from the list of requirements and course choices. The major combines a broad foundation of health-related course work with a choice of preparatory courses suitable for entry into graduate programs in … Your email address will not be published. in Health Sciences degree is designed for students interested in understanding the causes of disease, strategies for promoting wellness and behavior change, and the scientific basis and methodologies for analysis of health concerns. Public Health is an exciting and interdisciplinary major focused on the spread of general health awareness and the prevention of diseases. Graduates of Public Health Degree Programs may also pursue careers as educators to design and implement effective health education programs in the community. Enrolling in this major is especially appropriate if you wish to pursue advanced study to prepare for leadership positions in governmental or nongovernmental organizations,working directly with current and emerging health concerns in the … They will not only collect the data but will analyze it and create reports explaining their findings. Highlights of the new version include: If you need assistance deciding which version of your Public Health major to follow please seek advice from an Academic Counselor or Peer Advisor in Student Affairs. in Public Health Sciences and the B.A. Statisticians design experiments, questionnaires and surveys to collect data on people and health. Generally, programs include both classroom lectures and hands-on learning, such as lab work, in order to most effectively prepare graduates for the field. Interested In Getting A Public Health Degree Public health is a diverse field focused on improving the lives of the individual by focusing on the community. To make an appointment please call the Student Affairs Office at (949) 824-2358. The PHS curriculum includes biomedical sciences, social sciences, mathematics and statistics. Major: Public Health. The degrees explore both quantitative and qualitative aspects of public health at all levels of analysis. A minor in Public Health Sciences (PHS) provides rigorous training in the health sciences to prepare students to analyze the complex issues surrounding population health. Choosing a career in Public Health Science will certainly allow individuals a pathway into a variety of careers with salaries ranging from average to well above average the national averages, depending on the career and the degree achieved. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be populations of a continent) to improve the quality of health and the quality of life in through detecting and preventing disease and other physical and mental health conditions, promoting health behaviors, tracking cases and health indicators. Many Master’s Degree Programs are available for completion through online courses taken at the student’s convenience as a full or part time basis. The Public Health Sciences (B.S.) Global and Public Health Sciences (GPHS) This major is offered through the College of Human Ecology or the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. and Public Health Policy (B.A.) According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook for 2012, there is a predicted rise in careers in Health science that shows growth over the next ten years and millions of new jobs will be created. The Public Health Science program includes a strong curriculum in science and public health courses, such as biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, and global health. Many Master’s Degree programs in Public Health allow students to tailor their studies to meet their individual career goals and may include concentrations such as biostatistics, epidemiology, occupational health or public nutrition. Within the field of Healthcare Management and Administration are several areas of specialization, including Public Health Science. The degree can be obtained on the campus at College Park or at the Universities at Shady Grove. With over 2,100 different majors to choose from, selecting the best one can be daunting. Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in public health will allow a basic understanding of public health principles related to health and disease along with competency in today’s public health policies and issues. Many public health professionals enter their public health careers with a Bachelor’s Degree and pursue more advanced degrees online or part-time, while continuing to work.