It is effective and can kill common household ants. Even if we leave food out for hours, no ant trail! My husband does not think he ate any but we can not be sure. I hope this article was useful to you. Pesticide free and easy-to-use, spiders, scorpions, ants, cockroaches, crickets and other crawling insects are captured by the trap’s sticky surface. 04/03/2011 09:10 Subject: How long does it take terro to work on ants? These were relatively non-toxic, which was great, so we picked two prominently-featured brands, Terro and Amdro. I bought this ant killer called Terro (main ingredient is borax) about a month ago. If it kills the ants too quickly, they will identify the ant trap as a dangerous source of food and simply avoid it. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Huge amounts of ants were dying, mainly in my bathtub (yuck!). Basically they are plastic containers filled with 5.4% Borax clear liquid. We had a bad ant problem. These little guys just seem to taper off, never going away completely. Thank you, Courtney Hoffman, for your A2A: Is there enough insecticide in a single ant trap to harm a cat or dog? For best results, replace the spider traps every three months or when the trap becomes full of spiders and insects. If the ants cease going to the bait placements (not actually traps) and remain a problem, the bait is exhausted without achieving colony elimination and should be replaced. These are the ants that have died and been removed from the colony by the other ants. We took a trip to our local home improvement store and found a lot of liquid ant bait products. This site is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own. As ant foragers look for food, they are naturally drawn to the sweet ant bait. They're still going for the poison. … The only liquid bait stake available on the market, it provides fast-acting elimination of the queen and entire colony. Probably not. So to get rid of these ants for good, you’ll need to follow our advise and get with the three prong approach which includes spraying. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. posted by paxton at 8:09 AM on September 22, 2008 . That made us wonder whether they were really bringing the bait back to the colony, but we let it sit. Anonymous: 2 days- and we had a ton of ants! There was a trail going to it and lots of dead ants inside. Ants tend to find and feed on foods dependant on the needs of the nest or colony at the time. So, it’s best to place these close to where the ants are coming from to avoid a long line of ants. Price Price. The ants keep coming. Price Price. We still see an occasional ant, but the problem is 99% solved. We still see an occasional ant, but the problem is 99% solved. A colony was feasting on three drops of Terro that I put in a place where I found them congregating. This site is not owned by any retailer or manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It got to the point where if a crumb fell on the floor, in thirty minutes there would be an ant trail going to it. Worker ants, mistaking it for food, feed it to other workers in the nest and, more importantly, to the queen. 0 Reviews. Is this normal? Its bait stations are pre-filled in a tray and ready to use, making it more convenient for you to use in the kitchen or anywhere around the house. We’ve left both brands lying around, and eventually bought more of the Terro after we threw out some of the old traps which were full of ants. TERRO outdoor liquid ant bait stakes contain the proven TERRO liquid bait formulation, now delivered in an easy-to-use outdoor stake. What is going on? When all was said and done, four of the Terro traps attracted and killed ants, whereas only two of the Amdro traps did. The worker ants consume the liquid and drop a pheromone trail as they head back to the nest to share the bait with the colony. It was possible the ants were living inside our walls. The next thing I did was call a professional exterminator to spray the perimeter of our condo, figuring the ants were coming in from the outside. Either that, or I was attracting multiple ant hills. Hello Select ... TERRO T1806SR 2-Pack Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits-12 Traps, 2 Pack, Clear 4.5 out of 5 stars 5,631. The slow killing poison gives ants time to transport the bait to the colony and the queen, eliminating the ants you see, and the ones you don’t. TERRO Liquid Ant Baits are specifically designed to kill the worker ant in two to three days, giving the foraging ants enough time to share the bait with the rest of the unsuspecting colony. In the summer, on the other hand, ants rely on food sources rich in carbohydrates, which they use to support their growing population. As ant colonies develop in the spring, they usually look for food sources high in fats and proteins. How to Make Great Pizza with Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough. My son was found with a Terro Ant Bait container. For best results, replace the spider traps every three months or when the trap becomes full of spiders and insects. Review: The Room & Board Emerson Bed Frame, Dresser, and Night Stand. The ant bait must get deep enough into the nest for the queen to consume it. Even if we leave food out for hours, no ant trail! We distributed six of each type throughout our condo, especially in areas where we had seen ants like the kitchen. They either didn’t work at all, or didn’t work well enough. I personally test and/or research each product or service before endorsing it. This will happen with all ant baits. : TERRO 2 Oz Liquid Ant Killer ll T200 : Home Pest Lures : Garden & Outdoor Skip to main They will switch from requiring protein foods to carbohydrate (sugar) foods based on whether the colony is very active in foraging and nest building, when they need lots of sugar for energy, or brood production, when they need more protein. We bought one six-pack of each type for testing. Until winter when they will hide in the walls. Terro used to work in a day or so, but back then it contained arsenic. But it seems that when presented withe the “Pepsi Challenge” of Amdro vs. Terro side-byside, the ants preferred Terro. Be careful not to attract every ant in a one mile radius like I did. After a few more days, we had a full-on party in one of the Terro traps. Sigh. At any rate, the traps seem to work. Terro Prefilled Liquid Traps. I am a freelance web developer living in Southern California who is interested in technology, living simply, and saving money. Within a short time there where hundreds around these drops slurping it up, many waiting for their turns when I went to bed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Then, they die and kill the colony. Hats off to Audrey Durden, she's this week's lucky # TERROTuesday Fruit Fly Trap winner! I can see them ignoring the traps in the other two areas. Features. A litlle (about 1/7) is gone compared to a new bait container. – Brian. 1 Response. To attract and kill household ants, place ready-to-use TERRO ® Indoor Liquid Ant Baits near areas where ants have been observed. We liked the fact that we’re not spraying toxic chemicals around our home. $15.49. Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits The best way to get rid of indoor ants. With Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes, With Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes, stop the problem at the source. The packaging or Terro products are distinguished by the bright orange color. No difference. It’s most effective for this type of poison to work slowly. Once the queen in a colony is poisoned and dies, she can no longer lay eggs to replace the workers, which are also dying of the poison. Thank you, Aaron (living in Portland) Multnomah County Oregon. Not sold in stores . Seems like this was the popular new way to deal with ants. TERRO Wasp & Fly Trap Plus Fruit Fly. Ants enter the trap, consume the liquid ant bait, then return to the nest where they pass on the bait to the rest of the colony. Still nothing. Why Ants Sometimes Drown in TERRO Liquid Ant Bait - YouTube 1 Review. I was seeing ants in three areas of the same floor: near a wall (which leads to outdoors), under a large area rug, and by an interior kitchen wall. It had been out for 2 days and perhaps it evaporates, also ants had been eating it. Privacy - Terms of Use | Copyright © 2013-2020 Brian Shim Web Development, LLC, How We Planned a Formal Wedding in Less Than Three Months. Ants were lining up to get in, and some were dying inside. Please say hi in the comments below! Subscribe to my blog to get an email when I write a new article. The stakes target ants outdoors before they can make their way inside. Ready-to-use baits . This is an independent review site that receives compensation from the retailer or manufacturer (at no extra cost to you) when you purchase through the affiliate links on this site. You don’t want to disturb them or else they won’t get a chance to take the poison back to their colony. To be fair, it is possible that the Amdro traps killed ants, but it just took them longer to die and they died elsewhere, where we couldn’t see them. Learn how your comment data is processed. Additionally, common retail products like Terro won’t work nearly as well as the professional baits we have listed. Although it is not generally toxic to humans or pets, borax disrupts the ant's digestive … The borax in Terro ant bait is an acid that damages ants' digestive systems and weakens their exoskeletons when it sticks to the tiny hairs on their legs. We have been inundated with large black dead and dying (convulsing) ants. The design of the ant trap container has been patented by the manufacturer and is designed in such a way as to prevent the bait from drying out. This is far from a scientific test, but from our experience, Terro traps resulted in more visible dead ants. This is a professional review site that receives compensation from companies when you purchase through the affiliate links. of liquid ant bait per stake Sometimes ants appear to be ignoring baits. I almost feel like I'm just inviting them in at this point. Two days and no ants since then. The ants kept coming. They are supposed to allow ants to “survive long enough to deliver a dose to the rest of the colony” according to the Terro box notes. I put Terro traps down in each area but they only went for the trap near the exterior wall. Log in,,,, how to catch rat that won’t go in my trap by step trapping. TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits are pre-filled liquid ant bait stations that kill common household ants Attracts and kills acrobat ants, allegheny ants, argentine ants, big headed ants, cornfield ants, crazy ants, ghost ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, pyramid ants, thief ants, white footed ants, and other sweet eating ants Shop insect & pest control and a variety of lawn & garden products online at PMPs can consider these factors as they evaluate their bait options and select ones that meet the ants’ needs. To be fair, it is possible that the Amdro traps killed ants, but it just took them longer to die and they died elsewhere, where we couldn’t see them. It kills ants. Can we get these ants tested? 09/08/2011 06:39 Subject: Terro not working! If you read our ANT CONTROL article, you’ll learn that you should not rely on bait alone when treating for ants. Terro Ant Traps is also one of the best ant traps on the market today. I have outside and inside Terro traps that work moderately well. Add to list . They are likely feeding on the dead insect as well as the colony needs a protein food … I moved one right next to the active Terro trap. These work on the same principle. Add to list . Posted by Brian | Updated on Dec 31, 2018 | Household & Do It Yourself Tips | 0. Terro T300B 2-Pack Liquid Ant … The rain is really what is forcing them in, once it stops, the ants will go back outside. Pages with related products. Eventually, I did see some ants going for the Amdro bait outside. We don't use pesticides or other chemicals around our house. Still no takers for the Amdro bait. On two occasions we’ve had carpenter ants, and the terro liquid baits took care of them overnight. The colony … This means there are still a few ants remaining in the colony so continue to use the ant bait until there are no new piles. These might solve your ant problems if you don’t mind a temporary ant farm going on in  your home. No activity for the Amdro bait. Not sold in stores . Well, we still find dead ants, but they're still coming! Pesticide free and easy-to-use, spiders, scorpions, ants, cockroaches, crickets and other crawling insects are captured by the trap's sticky surface where they get stuck and die. It is also commonly found in other household items including hand soap, laundry boosters, mouthwash and toothpaste. We put the coffee maker outside with a terro bait and put more terro baits in the kitchen. Terro Spider and Insect Traps are an excellent way to capture and kill a large number of spiders and other crawling insects. The only downside of these products is that if they are working properly, you basically have a little ant farm in your home until the colony is killed. This is far from a scientific test, but from our experience, Terro traps resulted in more visible dead ants. Add to registry Terro T1812 8-Pack Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes. When I came down in the morning, the cards that held the three drops now had sand in the exact spots where the drops had been with a few ants milling around. These liquid ant baits solved our ant problem even after a professional exterminator was unable to! Ant baits contain the active ingredient Borax which, along with sugar, attracts and kills the worker ants that forage for food, but not before they have time to return to their nest and share the bait with the rest of the colony. Q: I've been successfully using TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits and now I have small piles of dead ants near the bait. Borax, a natural mineral, is the active ingredient in Terro ant killer. I personally test or research each product before endorsing it. Terro T334SR 2 Pack – 8 Discreet Multi-Surface Liquid Ant 8 Bait Stations, Clear 4.2 out of 5 stars 3,487. Each box contains six ant bait stations. Tested for what killed them? Warning, gross! TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits and Stakes kill ants outside before they get in; Contains the same proven liquid formulation as TERRO® Indoor Liquid Ant Baits; See-through bait window so you know when to replace; Tiered bait pack for increased consumption; Reinforced stake ridges for added strength; 0.25 oz. He only had a very limited time at which he had it. Any idea how long to let the terro baits work on the coffee maker before we hose it down? Liquid ant baiting not only kills the ants you see, but the thousands you don't see. An ant trap can take several days to begin killing ants after the ants have found the bait. Review: The Base Camp Zoom Cycling Bike Helmet – Future Cool or Spaceballs Geek?