Here are some tips for maintaining your TifTuf grass: 1. A hybrid variety that is backed with decades of research, Tiftuf Bermuda is a simply superior grass. Bermuda, 4. TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda has been formally recognised with the Smart Approved WaterMark for the following states and territories in Australia – QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS and SA (WA & NT excluded). Mow no more than 1/3 of the leaf off at one mowing. So one of the main benefits of TifTuf grass is that it is capable of handling droughts. Bermuda's vigorous growth can retard weed infestation. While TifTuf is very drought tolerant and uses far less water, regular watering will … More TifTuf Bermuda Info: TifTuf™ Bermuda Sod Details TifTuf Bermuda | It's SuperSod's quest to improve gardening practices, provide lawn care tips and guides on maintenance as well as develop new lawn products. TifTuf will fall dormant during the cold winter months. Further testing has shown that TIFTUF™ uses 38% less water than Tifway while maintaining better turf quality. TifTuf has been hand selected out of almost 30,000 different Bermuda varieties, showing superior qualities in drought tolerance, shade tolerance, wear tolerance and winter colour whilst at the same time maintaining excellent turf quality.' Genetically pure and extremely water-efficient, this turf variety is the only one in our collection to have a Smart Approved WaterMark. In the middle of a summer drought, it doesn’t take long for your lawn to become dry and withered up. This is best accomplished just before turf turns green (which is approximately late winter in the coastal plain and spring further north). While the watering rule-of-thumb for every other grass types is to provide 1” of water per week, in our southeastern climate TifTuf simply doesn’t need to be irrigated when grown in good soils once its roots are established. So one of the main benefits of TifTuf grass is that it is capable of handling droughts. TifTuf is made specifically to be able to handle droughts. As the name suggests, pre-emergent herbicide targets weeds that have not emerged from the soil yet. If possible, use a mower with a bagger to collect the clippings and remove any dead material left from winter dormancy. Under this drought stress, TIFTUF™ (tested as experimental name DT-1) maintained its quality and green colour the longest. A: Both grasses are “somewhat“ shade tolerant. Problem Management: Pests, Diseases, Weeds. Each year, a TifTuf lawn needs 1-2 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet. The Federal Specialty Crop Research Initiative has identified TIFTUF™ as the most drought tolerant bermudagrass, becoming the new standard for all future University drought tolerance testing. TifTuf is a new, drought-tolerant bermudagrass variety developed by the University of Georgia. Apply pre-emergent weed control products that are specifically labeled for Bermuda grass. Those are just a few suggestions when it comes to maintaining your TifTuf Bermudagrass lawn. Stocked with multiple qualities, there is a reason TifTuf Bermuda is an impressive variety. Lawn Maintenance, For assistance with weed identification and pest control contact your nursery/garden center, landscaper, or State cooperative extension service agent. TifTuf Bermuda, Dr. Brian Schwartz Discusses TIFTUF™ Certified Bermuda… Every 4 -7 days is recommended, at a height of between 12-50mm with either a rotary mower or cylinder mower for a cleaner cut. Too much fertility will result in a thatchy and unhealthy lawn. Self repairing. It is important to use chemical controls, such as insecticides when damage appears. The result of nearly 25 years of research, TifTuf has been developed by world-leading turf grass breeders fro the University of Georgia. Mowing may be required on a 4-to-7-day interval. Specifically selected for its superior drought and wear tolerance compared to other bermudagrass varieties. Optimum water management, as with any grass, is dependent on soil, physical characteristics, and climate. TifTuf Bermuda is the product of almost 25 years of research and development from one of the world’s leading turf grass breeders, the University of Georgia. TifTuf has excellent cold tolerance in comparison to other bermudagrass varieties and exceptional drought and wear tolerance. Be careful not to set the mower too low, as it may scalp the lawn. Through our alliances with the private sector and university breeding program, The Turfgrass Group licenses the production of one of the finest collections of superior “value-added” turfgrass varieties available in the world. READ MORE. Which is more shade tolerant? TifTuf Bermuda turf variety has had almost 25 years of research conducted on it by the world’s leading turf grass scientists. Certification is the only method of assuring the consumer is receiving the variety they purchased. Important points for TifTuf installation: TifTuf is a hybrid Bermuda grass that has been chosen from over 30,000 different cultivars for its … I’m trying to decide between TifTuf bermuda and Zenith zoysia. Read more! While the rule of thumb for watering most grass types is to provide 1 inch of water per week, TifTuf — in our area —simply doesn’t need to be irrigated once its roots are established in good soil, except in cases of extreme drought. TifTuf is no different to other bermudagrasses when it comes to pest problems. A new standard in drought-tolerant bermudagrass has been developed by turfgrass breeders at the University of Georgia. When it comes to lawn maintenance, everyone knows that you have to mow your lawn regularly. We ship throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Its density enables it to handle high-wear situations like backyards and sports fields or school ovals, whilst its fine blade ensures it is a very soft leaf to walk on. TifTuf Bermuda is a hardy, drought-resistant grass that will give you a lush, carpet-like lawn. Now, it’s time to follow these simple steps to get the most out of your Lifetime Lawn and its lasting green color: While other Bermudas survive drought conditions by going dormant and greening up at the first exposure to moisture, TifTuf stays green without going dormant under drought stress. Today I’m trying to make the TifTuf Couch (Bermuda) Fill in and thicken up with some liquid fertilisers and regular topdressing. Can be mowed with either reel or rotary mower. Topics: Newly planted TifTuf™ Bermuda should be watered daily and soaked thoroughly to a depth of 3 inches for the first two weeks to avoid dry out. General recommendations call for 1″ of water from rain or irrigation per week, depending on soil conditions and climate, although TifTuf may thrive without irrigation once established. In 1999, ninety of the most promising genotypes were planted under a rainout shelter and evaluated through 2001 under deficit irrigation.